Forces 2015 variations
Summer tour

15.06-16.06 Spaziozut – Foligno (I)
25.06-26.06 Dancewoods festival – Modena (I)
03.07-05.07 KorresponDance festival – Zdar nad Sazavou (CZ)

Forces I+ connects, on stage, a dancer and participants of a choreographic workshop directed by Nathalie Tacchella, choreographer et Amina Amici, dancer.

The dancer sits at her table, sems to sleep, awakened.
The participants open the piece, as a prologue, moving across the stage like particles, as centripetal and centrifugal forces.
The bodies appear as ancestors who feed into the dancer’s dreams. When they melt down to the white floor, the dancer begins her danced talk among the prone
Everything collapses under the dancer.
Indefatigably she reconstructs.

Forces I is the time of maturity, the loss of the reference points built up over the years. The dancer does not give up; she develops absurd strategies for finding peace – a state of mind to which she aspires.

Forces I+  includes participants of a one-day long workshop.
This workshop is intended for various audience, on registration, selected by the different places where the company dance Forces.

The company presents Forces I, solo – duration 15 minutes – either the theatre version or the gallery version.
At the end of the representation, the choreographic workshop offer the opportunity participants to explore several item of the teflexion and choreographic patterns of the original version of Forces.

Conception and choreography Nathalie Tacchella
Dance Amina Amici
Stage design Padrutt Tacchella et Annie Peter Osman
Light design (theatre version) Marc Gaillard

Music Adrien Kessler
Production compagnie de l’estuaire

Administration and delegated production Laure Chapel_Pâquis Productions
Tour manager
Lenka Flory

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