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Go is a choreographic piece for six male and female dancers. It premiered at Le Galpon – Geneva in May 2015.

Go is a starting point. A board on which various configurations of play develop.
Go is a construction of symbolic territories.
Go is an order that give ourselves or that we e receive from others at the moment just before the movement begins.
G0 (Ground zero) is a criticism of the dominant groups which divide up the territories on which they develop their economic and social activities.

Go is a network of choreographic, artistic and educational declensions. It can be presented on tour in one of its three adaptable forms, depending on the context of its presentation :

Go original scenic version, duration 50 minutes
Go school version, duration 30+60 minutes
Go urban version, duration 30 minutes

Conception and choreography Nathalie Tacchella
Artistic collaboration Claire Goodyear
Dance Marion Baeriswyl, Fabio Bergamaschi, Antonio Buil,
Ismaël Oiartzabal, Ambre Pini, Diane Senger
Martial arts training Dominique Falquet
Stage design and construction Padrutt Tacchella
Painting Annie Peter Osman
Objects Laurent Bandelier and Alex Gerenton
Costumes Marion Schmid
Music Adrien Kessler
Light design Marc Gaillard
General technic supervisor Thierry Court
Delegated production Laure Chapel – Pâquis Production
Diffusion and communication Marine Magnin
Tour manager Lenka Flory
English translation Caroline Dommen
Photos Isabelle Meister and Claire Goodyear
Video Laurence Favre, Alexa Andrey, sound Adrien Kessler
All dancers and artistic collaborators’ bios are available on biographies

Production l’estuaire company
With support from Ville de Genève, République et Canton de Genève, Loterie Romande – Partnership Le Galpon

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