L’estuaire company

L’estuaire company was established in 1995: it is one of the co-founding companies of the Theatre du Galpon, Geneva / Switzerland.
L’estuaire company has developed an artistic identity revealing the poetry of physical phenomena and based on the relationship between human beings and between them and their environment.
The company produces stage works as well as works for public and urban spaces.

The group pieces deal mainly with balance, construction and destruction, and solidarity. How do things hold together? How do people live together?
Panels, boards or wooden blocks that the dancers organize in the space or that they climb are precarious and short-lived organizations, small arrangements with life that provide elements of visual and sensory answers to these questions.

The smaller pieces are often produced in collaboration with the company A Hauteur des Yeux and question the relationship between the human body and puppets.

The community and cultural artistic projects integrate pupils, teachers or city inhabitants in the processes of creation.

Nathalie Tacchella directs her artistic projects in a close collaboration with each company member. Her work is strongly influenced by thinking about the role of the artist in the city. For over 15 years, she has been questioning the relationships between creation, training and citizenship.